What are the 3 Major Problems of Independent Medical Practices?

  1. Decreased Reimbursements causing difficulty to manage financially the independent medical practice
  2. Pressure to sell to large Hospital organizations
  3. Challenges in comprehensive patient management


What is the Current Practice Model of Independent Medical Practices?

current practice model of independent practices


What is the NEW Practice Paradigm for Independent Medical Practices?

new practice paradigm for independent medical practices


What are some of the Benefits of In-House Diagnostics?

Immediate results for easier patient management

Patient comfort and easy access to testing

Advances the Image of the Independent Medical Practice

Significantly improves the Revenue of the Independent Medical Practice

Helps the Medical Practice Continue been INDEPENDENT

This program can benefit even practices that belong into a larger hospital organization by helping the practitioner achieve higher number of RVUs


What are some of the Benefits working with Hands-On EMG Testing? Why Hands-On EMG Testing is NOT like other diagnostic companies?

Unlike diagnostic companies that use technicians testing their patients, Hands-On EMG Testing uses Licensed Professionals.

Performance of Tests that ONLY Licensed Professionals can perform

We train you on the diagnostic technologies so that you are fully confident on the proper clinical utility of the diagnostic testing and even in testing interpretation

We work with large hospital organizations such as: NYU Langone Orthopedics & Hand Surgery Clinic, Maimonides Medical Center Outpatient Orthopedics, Staten Island University Hospital clinics and more.

We work with many physicians of various specialties such as: Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Rheumatology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Oncology, PM&R physicians and others


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