Hands-On EMG Testing provides high quality, reliable testing in New York and Florida. We believe in high quality, expert and ethical service following testing guidelines adopted from various professional organizations such as AANEM, APTA, ACE. MSKUS Society and others.

Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos and Dr. Konstantine Rizopoulos have specialized in Clinical Electrophysiology Testing since the mid-1990's.

Dr. Kostopoulos has a Doctorate (D.Sc.) in Clinical Electrophysiology Testing and is Board-Certified by ABPTS.

They have both conducted and published research in the field of Clinical Electrophysiology. Their knowledge, expertise and bedside manner have earned them the highest respect among their peers.

Dr. Kostopoulos, Dr. Rizopoulos and their associates always put patient satisfaction first!

Hands-On EMG Testing provides evidence-based high quality EMG/NCS Testing maintaining the highest professional standards.

EMG/NCV Testing is one of the most reliable diagnostic tools for many dysfunctions of the Neuromuscular System.

At Hands-On EMG Testing, we provide physicians and patients alike, with valuable information about the integrity of the neuromuscular system by utilizing Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies to better assess some of the ambiguous issues going on in the patient's body. Entrapment syndromes, such as carpal tunnel or tarsal tunnel syndromes, including peripheral polyneuropathies, radiculopathies and myopathies, can be confirmed with electrophysiology testing.

Hands-On EMG Testing

The Art & Science of Clinical Electrophysiology

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