"Hands-On EMG Testing has helped me get back to work. Before I had an EMG done, my doctor was not sure the cause of my problem, and after Dr. Kostopoulos performed an EMG on me, we finally had the answer that we were searching for. Thank you Hands-On for the excellent work!"
Sophia Canberra (New York, NY)

"What a great service! It was quick, easy and painless. I was very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you very much."
Christopher Lombardi (Brooklyn, NY)

"My doctor suggested I have EMG and NCV tests done to find the cause of the pain in my arm. He was currently using the Hands-On EMG service, and said that he was very satisfied with them, so I tried it. Besides the fact that the Hands-On specialist was so patient, gentle and helpful, she really did a fantastic job. If I had any issues going forward, I would definitely Use Hands-On EMG Testing again."
Loretta Baxter (Bayside, NY)

"The professionalism and knowledge you showed me was outstanding. You really educated me each step of the way, and I thank you for it. I get a little nervous doing tests, and you made me feel at-ease. Thank you, my favorite EMG guys and girls."
Don Cohen (Brooklyn, NY)

"What a great test. I can't believe my doctor didn't propose having Hands-On EMG Testing do it sooner. We got to the bottom of my problem, and I am currently working with my doctor to fix it. All thanks to you!"
Alexandra Dotson (Bronx, NY)